About Us

Ayu Concept was born when two friends who have worked in the skincare industry for over 15 years got together and decided to combine their passion, knowledge, and commitment to bring you better skin days.

We know that putting together a skincare routine can be pretty perplexing. There are just so many different options, types, active ingredients, and labels that it’s hard to even know where to start. At Ayu Concept, our goal is to bring you clean and results-driven skincare products that make every day a good skin day.

Ayu Concept brings you skincare that works for your specific skin type and skin concerns. Whether you are battling dryness, sebum, acne, or looking to embrace well-aging into your lifestyle, our curated selection is designed to help you achieve healthy and balanced skin born out of self-love and wellbeing.

Don’t know how to put together a skincare routine or what products to use for your skin type and concerns? We can help you get informed and create a customized routine, from your basic cleansers to serums, with active ingredients that you can trust to give you healthy skin.

At Ayu Concept, we love to keep things friendly by answering your questions and we are more than happy to make recommendations based on your skincare needs. Get in touch or visit our curated selection of skincare products where you can shop for your new favorite skincare routine!